Appetite 4 Life is a non-profit organization focused on providing meals and nutrition services to people living with terminal illness, HIV/AIDS, the aged and disable and children. We accomplish this through programs such as Home Delivered Meals, Food Pantry, Nutritional Supplements and the Summer Food Service Program. Currently A4L is the only provider of fresh meals delivered to the front door of this diverse population group.

A4L receives no government funding and relies on the commitment of those in our community and earned income through catering. The goal of the A4L is to continue to make a difference in the lives of those who so desperately need the services they provide to the community.

Home Delivered Meals

A4L clients receive two meals a day, 365 days a year. All meals are prepared using guidelines specifically designed to accommodate people living with a compromised immune system. Meals are freshly prepared in our kitchen by our culinary staff; clients are not receiving frozen meals. All clients receive balanced meals with fresh/healthy options including fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread items.

Meals are delivered to the clients’ home on a regular schedule based on their delivery area. All A4L drivers are volunteers and adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards. Our client services staff will work with each client to accommodate most dietary restrictions or preferences.

Food Pantry Program


The Food Pantry Program was started in 2006 to address the needs of the homeless people living with HIV/AIDS. Clients visit the pantry twice a month to obtain nutritional food; each receives 25lbs of food with an average value of $45.00 per visit. Currently the food pantry is open each Tuesday and Thursday. Potential clients should consult their case manager for a referral The Pantry is staffed completely by volunteers.

It is an objective of A4L to allow the client to come bi-weekly to choose 7 of 12 frozen nutritious meals thus guaranteeing a proper diet. This additional service will allow client participation in menu selection, as the client can choose from a variety of offerings. It is hoped that this exercise of choice will help build self-esteem. Clients are also offered a variety of fresh bread and bakery products as well as fresh produce when available.

Nutritional Supplement Program
The Nutritional Supplement Program provides Ensure, per a physician’s written prescription. Medicaid discontinued its coverage of Ensure a few years ago. Some clients require the supplement, without which they would not be able to tolerate their medication. Many of our clients suffer from wasting syndrome. Wasting syndrome causes the patient to lose body fat as well as lean body mass, leaving them weak and susceptible to further illness. This is usually found in the latter stages of HIV/AIDS infection. The NS program has been distributed through the Food Pantry Program since April 2007 and the Home Delivered Meal Program since 2006. Currently about 175 cases of Ensure are distributed each month at an approximate cost of $25,000 annually.

Child Nutrition Program
During the school year children in Escambia County are certain to receive at least two meals per day through the USDA’s National School Lunch Program. Once school is dismissed for summer break many kids are faced with the question of where their next meal will come from.

The Summer Food Service Program is designed to provide a source for a balanced nutritious diet even during the summer. Appetite 4 Life as a sponsor of this program works with various community centers, recreation programs, and area churches to open their doors and offer meals to any child who needs them at no cost.
A4L currently provides on average 1,000 meals per day during the 3 summer months.
Current Sites:
Fricker Community Center
Cobb Community Center
The Salvation Army
YMCA Northeast
Englewood Missionary Baptist Church
If your church or summer based program is interested in operating a meal service site contact our offices at 850.470.9111. All requests to become a site must be submitted no later than April 1 to be included in the upcoming summer program.

HIV Prevention
Throughout Appetite 4 Life’s various expansions our mission focus has always remained serving the local HIV/AIDS population.8

The best solution to the HIV/AIDS situation is still prevention including regular testing for all individuals at risk. With the growing infection rate in Escambia County Florida A4L decided to open a testing site in 2010. All tests are offered free to the public.

Tests are offered Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. If you cannot make it in for testing during those hours call our offices to schedule an after-hours appointment with our HIV Prevention Counselor.

9 In 2007 one of Appetite 4 Life’s board members realized through his volunteer efforts that many of our clients had children that would be without Christmas gifts during the holidays. He organized volunteers and worked with the area case managers to provide gifts to any child who was infected with HIV/AIDS or affected by the disease. In its first year this program served 56 children, since that time the program has grown to include the clients of all area programs providing service to people living with HIV/AIDS. We currently provide gifts to approximately 100 children by working with area businesses, churches, and individuals to purchase and distribute the presents.
Providing proper nutrition for aging or elderly parents can often times be a difficult task. Appetite 4 Life offers our Healthy Solutions program to assist with this daily task. This program is available to anyone living in Escambia County that has a desire to receive healthy, nutritious meals delivered to their home.clon
All meal plans include meals that are reviewed by a dietician and offer a balanced diet. Healthy Solutions customers can choose the number of meals they wish to have delivered. We offer lunch and dinner 7 days per week. All meals are freshly prepared in our local kitchen using fresh ingredients by our culinary staff.

Many of our clients are living at or below the poverty line making it difficult to provide the basic necessities for daily survival leaving little left over for things like entertainment. Through generous donations from the community Appetite 4 Life maintains a library of books, tapes, DVD’s and other entertainment materials for loan to our clients. These items are either delivered to our clients through our volunteer drivers or checked out during a food pantry visit.

When living with a terminal illness such as HIV/AIDS, each year is a Celebration of Life. Appetite 4 Life helps our clients recognize their birthdays by providing each client with a birthday cake as well as a small gift during this time of celebration.

A4L with the help of the Pensacola News Journal provides each client a newspaper with their meal deliveries.

With most of our clients in need of financial and nutritional assistance we recognize that many clients might need a little extra help. A4L accepts donations of clothing and other small items for distribution to clients through our Food Pantry Program.